Griselda Grubb

Griselda Grubb was born in England and spent her childhood traveling with a circus that her family appeared in. She has been teaching herbology at wizarding schools since becoming fully accredited in herbology. She became head of the herbology department at her present school 20 years ago, following a rather unfortunate incident involving the previous head and an extremely loud mandrake. She immediately made sure to improve the quality of the department’s earmuffs and there have been no more problems.

She is well known in the wizarding world for her vast knowledge of many rare magical plants and their uses. Her greenhouses produce some of the most potent magical plants available today, which she insists is due to the fact she plays 50’s rock music to them daily.
She enjoys touring exotic locations during school holidays to gather rare plants and also confesses to an occasional karaoke contest. You can find me at the Festival Basecamp with the Jefferson Public Library