Vendor Information

We will be adding to last year’s 145 vendors and locating them according to the type of goods and or services they offer, making it easier for visitors to locate the products you are seeking. We are anticipating approximately 200 vendors. Please check the “Festival Map” for vendor locations. The list below are a few of the shopping and souvenir vendors who will be at the 2018 Warriors and Wizards Festival.  If you would like to apply to be a vendor, please go to our vendor website, complete the vendor application, and we will be in touch.

2018 Shopping & Souvenir Vendors

Artwork by Sydney

Artwork by Sydney is pop culture fan art—mostly heroes, with the occasional really cool villain—for your personal enjoyment! Choose from a variety of pinback buttons, postcard prints, and posters of your fan favorites!

Brian E. Vallery’s Creatures

Walk through the exhibits of Brian Vallery.  Brian has been creating life size creatures for more than 12 years.  His incredible work is displayed between the river and the Quidditch Tournament.  He also has his booth there of smaller creatures for you to adopt to take home.


CMW Art wares include everything from themed “magical” drawings to wands. At the festival I will be selling different art works and prints that are wizards and warriors themed, wands of all kinds, and themed accessory dishes.

Copperhead Metallurgy

Handcrafted jewelry. Created by hand and forged in fire. The warmth of copper, the flash of silver, and the golden hue of brass are some of the metals you will find in my jewelry work. Titanium and niobium create a splash of color. I add layers of texture and accent the metal to give it a raw flair and earthy look.

Gemini Pearl Company

Gemini Pearl Company is an open your own oyster company that has oysters with guaranteed pearls in each one! Once you pick your oyster we birth the pearl(s) right in front of you! We then give you a birth certificate commemorating your pearl(s). We offer a variety of jewelry to wear your pearl(s) in and show off! We offer an unique experience that you never forget!

Godric’s Hollow Wands

Godric’s Hollow Wands sells wands, hanging ornaments turned-carved-and or pyrography with design, gift boxes, and book ends.

Half Blood Prints

Half Blood Pints sells posters, paintings, bookmarks, coloring books, and custom shoes.

Happy Droolers

Happy Droolers sells headbands, hair ties, booties, fabric ornaments, clothing for adults and children, drool bibs, burp rags, lanyards and bags, glass ornaments, coffee mugs, and wine cups. Happy Droolers is presented by Jen Hammerly-Drascic.

Kiwi Lane Independent Instructor

Colleen Mendez, a Kiwi Lane Instructor, sells cross-stitched bookmarks and framed art, handmade cards and scrapbook pages, ornaments, paracord bracelets, house wreaths and desk items, and slime.

Luna Ce Craft Co.

Luna Ce Craft Co. makes designer Witch hats and other hats and accessories for the Samhain festivals.

Penguin and Pear

Penguin and Pear sells kids tees, adult tees, and personalized tees.

The Seedy Merchant

The Seedy Merchant makes candles, wax melts, jewelry, papercrafts, and more.

Tony Buds Sewing

World of Tony Bud’s is your exclusive one stop shop for all of your wizarding or fantasy needs.  Ready to take items include top quality movie accurate house robes, ties, certain movie costumes that have been made for display,  exclusive one of a kind hand crafted wooden wand and dager boxes.  We specialize in that special one of a kind cosplay or outfit.  Stop by to see us and order today!

Versalla Larp Supplies and Eccentricities

Home to a large variety of quality, hand-crafted leather goods! At Versalla, you can find leather-bound journals and scrolls, and a leather holder for every occasion! There are wand holsters, potion bottle holders, pocketwatch holsters, and even teacup holsters! In addition to our expansive inventory of hand-made leather goods, Versalla also makes other renaissance and larp-related goods such as drinking horns, jewelry, furs, and feather quills!

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