Special Events

About the Special Events

Special events, such as the Horse Drawn Wagons, require an additional fee. Why do these special events cost extra? Due to the limited capacity, there will be a minimal fee for special events. These events are not included with the wristband. The special events are operated by third party companies.

The arcade, the vendor shopping, the food court, and the food trucks require an additional fee based on your purchases. With a wristband, you can access the vendor shopping but you will have to purchase your own souvenirs. You can walk the food court and check out the food trucks with the purchase of a wristband, but you will have to purchase your own food and beverages.

As the festival approaches, please continue to check back. We will be updating the special events as the details are confirmed.

Activities & Rides


Located in the Kidz Activity Center

Located in the Kidz Activity Center, there are various games to play but it does require money to play the various games.

Helicopter Rides

Located at the Portal to Adventure

$50 per person. Chemair Helicopters will provide aerial tours on Saturday and Sunday, October 20-21, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. *Weather permitting*. Call 920-650-1568 or visit their website for more information.

Trackless Train Ride

Location TBD

$5 per person.  Take a leisurely trackless train ride, to break up your day.  This is operated by a local chapter of a nonprofit and is their first year providing this service for the festival.  Please be patient and understanding.  Your safety is everyone’s concern.

Food & Vendors

Werewolf Island Food Court

Located on Werewolf Island

Our Food Court this year includes a Hospitality Tent.  The entire Park is devoted to food and beverage along with round the clock entertainment.  Enjoy!

Vendor Shopping

Location TBD

We are doing our best in locating our vendors according to themes.  Please be looking for the “Festival Map” which will show the location of your desired vendors.

Guests, Attractions, and Special Events Subject to Change

Guests, attractions, and special events are subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice. No refund will be owed if any guest, attraction, special event or any other scheduled performance, person or group is changed or canceled and the event still occurs.

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